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My Story

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I’ve spent many many years in photography shooting photographs of just about everything you can imagine.  I’ve done landscape photos, fashion photos, senior portraits, family portraits, pet portraits, aviation photos, still photography, and sport portraits just to name a few.  What I discovered during this photographic journey was:  1) That I wanted to do something that I really enjoyed doing and 2) I wanted to find a niche that no other (or very few) photographers had ever done. The two genres that appealed to me most were aviation photography and sports photography.  I came across a photographer whose work in action photography really inspired me to focus on action sports and the methodology was such that his work looked more like a drawing or painting then it did a photo (which one can find in plethora in any number of sport magazines). His work was original, refreshing, and quite honestly phenomenal. This for me was the birthing moment for Sport Renditions.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this endeavor and it has allowed me to spend countless hours travelling about taking images that people either commission me to take or just taking portraits of unsuspecting individuals in everyday sporting events.  I’ve given countless images back to coaches, players, families, and organizations and received wonderful accolades!  When and where possible I offer pro bono services to promote fund raising for charities, equipment, and promotion of sporting events. To all that have expressed your compliments & appreciation I sincerely offer you my deepest thanks!  This is what makes this endeavor worthwhile!
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