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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Gallery contains portraits created from existing photographs of Hall of Fame athletes.  Most of these portraits were originally produced in black & white or sepia tones and that I have meticulously transformed into a color medium. Subsequently,  I further processed these portraits into the form of art that I am accustomed to producing.  The images are nostalgic & historic and the purpose was merely to enhance the beauty of the original image and bring the these older works new life.  My hope is that you will enjoy these works for what they represent, the best of the best athlestes in their respective sport.

I would also like to recognize all the professional photographers who took the original images. Below each image I have tried to credit where the image came from and/or who took the original photograph (if known).  I have also tagged a little biographical on the image itself.  Please accept my sincerest thanks for the works and copyright priveledges. I can only hope as a sports photographer to one day take photos of equivalent caliber.
This image is a fairly well known image of "Babe" Ruth that was taken as a series of several photographs in the year 1920. This was the year Babe Ruth began playing for the New York Yankees coming from the Boston Red Sox. The image resides in the Library of Congress and the original photographers were Irwin, La Broad, & Pudlin.
"Hammerin" Hank Aaron at a pre game photoshoot during the 1957 World Series that featured the Milwaukee Braves against the New York Yankees.  Reknowned for his career 715th home run hit on April 8, 1974 that broke Babe Ruth's all time home run record, Aaron would say during his 1982 Hall of Fame induction speech ..."I never want to forget Babe Ruth.  I just want them to remember Henry Aaron".
Ty Cobb set 90 Major League Baseball records including the highest career batting average (.367) and the most career batting titles with 12. He was inducted as a member of the inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936, receiving 222 out of 226 possible votes.  He spent 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers.  (Original photograph courtesy of Elizabeth Meyer)
The late Payne Stewat was inducted into the International World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001.  During his career he won a total of 11 PGA events including 3 major championshiops.  He won the PGA champitonship in 1989 and two U.S. Open championships in both 1991 & 1999.  Noted for his flamboyant golfing attires he stated:  "My father said the easiest way to set yourself apart in a crowd is the way you dress!" (Original photo courtesty of Gold Digets on Twitter)
Enos "Country" Slaughter was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1985.  He played 13 seasons for the St Louis Cardinals and his number "9" was retired subsequently thereafter. This image was taken in 1939 (photographer unknown) in front of the Boston dugout.  Enos Slaughter was a 10 time All Star appearing in 5 World Series.  He is best known for his "Mad Dash" from first sliding in and scoring in the 1946 World Series against Boston.
Clarence "Ginger" Beaumont spent most of his career playing  for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He was a Wisconsin native and is a member of the Wisconsin Sports Hall of Fame.  As the Pirates lead off hitter, he was the first player ever to bat in a World Series game in 1903.  The nickname "Ginger" was given to him in reference to his thick red hair.  Image from the Racine Heritage Museum.
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